Sustainability for start-ups

How to integrate sustainability into your start-up from the very beginning, even if you do not offer products or services that are sustainable in the strict sense: Write your first sustainability report.

​Why sustainability for your start-up

Integrating sustainability into your business strategy and corporate development from the outset will help make your start-up successful:

  • Investors and capital providers are paying more attention to whether they are investing their money sustainably
  • B2B customers demand more and more communication from their suppliers about their sustainability performance
  • Applicants want employers where they find meaning in their work.

Therefore, being able to demonstrate your start-up’s sustainability can be one of your key competitive advantages. Show how good you are right from the start with a sustainability report.

​Why Sustainability Reporting

I am convinced that every entrepreneur is already doing something for sustainability. Even if the company is only in the starting blocks.

I am convinced that every company, no matter how small, can do something for sustainable development. It doesn’t have to be the big, world-saving action. You can already make an impact with small steps.

Starting out as a start-up with your first sustainability report has many benefits:

  • the concept of sustainability becomes specific for you
  • directs the view to the essentials
  • especially helpful for beginners in order to achieve an integrated and credible sustainability management
  • Links sustainability with economic success
  • gives you valuable impulses and suggestions for your corporate strategy

The benefits of sustainability reporting

Start-ups that are concerned with their sustainable development from the outset take a very pragmatic approach in four steps

  • Determine status
  • Develop measures
  • Define strategy and goals
  • Take measures

This delivers advantages that should not be underestimated.

First, you determine your current status based on defined criteria: You know where you stand, what you are already doing. What sustainability means for you. From the current status, you recognize where you can start, with which measures in which areas you can achieve both short-term and long-term results. With the potentials that you have identified in this way, you come directly to a meaningful sustainability strategy and can set goals that suit you.

Sustainability always considers the three essential areas of ecology, social affairs and economy. The integration of the economy is an advantage of the sustainability strategy that should not be underestimated: economic success is of equal importance to all other strategic goals.

It is much more difficult to integrate sustainability into the company at a later stage.

​Why with me

Together with you, I create your sustainability report based on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

I ask the right questions and have suggestions for suitable answers.

From the sustainability report, improvement potentials arise that suit you.
The strategic orientation that makes sense for you also results from our cooperation.

You can format and publish your sustainability report in your corporate identity once it is designed.

I have a wide range of interests and positions that we can take a holistic view of your start-up and give you valuable impulses for all areas of your business.

In our collaboration, we take specific care not to get bogged down in details. This way of working helps us to maintain an overview of the complex issue of sustainability. We see requirements in the overall entrepreneurial context and find pragmatic solutions with the right cost-benefit ratio.

Our collaboration takes place according to your wishes: on-site or online; in a block or in shorter units. We will determine the best approach for you in a preliminary discussion.

The offer is suitable for companies of all industries, sizes and legal forms. According to your ideas we can work on further topics together.

​Now it’s your turn

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