​Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reports for companies: A pragmatic approach to presenting sustainability for and in your company. For external presentation and to work on it within the company.

​Why a sustainability report?

I am convinced that every company, no matter how small, is already doing something for sustainability. To put it better, every company provides services for sustainable development.

I am convinced that every company, no matter how small, can do more for sustainable development. It doesn’t have to be the big, world-saving action. You can already make an impact with small steps.

Getting started with your first sustainability report has many benefits:

  • the term sustainability becomes specific for you
  • directs the view to the essentials
  • especially helpful for beginners in order to achieve an integrated and credible sustainability management
  • links sustainability with economic success
  • shows you where to put your hands on without time-consuming strategy workshops

The pragmatic approach

Especially for companies that are starting to deal with their sustainable development, the pragmatic approach in four steps

  • Determine status
  • Develop measures
  • Define strategy and goals
  • Take measures

brings advantages that should not be underestimated.

First, you determine your current status on the basis of defined criteria: you know where you stand, what you already achieved.

From the current status you can see where you can take action, with which measures in which areas you can achieve both short-term and long-term results.

With the potentials that you have identified in this way, you come directly to a meaningful sustainability strategy and can set goals that suit you. Defining and implementing specific measures is then a matter of practice.

​Why with me

Together with you, I create your sustainability report based on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

I ask the right questions and have suggestions for suitable answers.

The sustainability report yields potential for improvement that suits you.
The strategic orientation that makes sense for you also results from our cooperation.

You can format and publish your sustainability report in your corporate identity.

In our collaboration, we think holistically without getting bogged down in details. This way of working helps us to maintain an overview of the complex issue of sustainability. We see requirements in the overall entrepreneurial context and find pragmatic solutions with the right cost-benefit ratio.

Our collaboration takes place according to your wishes: on-site or online; in a block or in shorter units. We will determine the best approach for you in a preliminary discussion.

The offer is suitable for companies of all industries, sizes and legal forms. According to your ideas we can work on further topics together.

Here’s how I can train you to get started with sustainability reporting:

This is based on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

The focus is on simple and pragmatic implementation in day-to-day business.

You will learn how to make the abstract concept of sustainability tangible for yourself. You will know which steps you can take to approach the topic and make it useful for yourself.

Your result: You know what sustainable management means and how to apply it specifically in your daily business.

​Now it’s your turn

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