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Many companies find it difficult to make sustainability tangible and useful for themselves.

Juergen Bremer : simple.sustainable helps you to find your simple and pragmatic approach to the topic of sustainability and to report on sustainability.

Your sustainability reporting with added value

Do you want to make your company more sustainable and do more for sustainability with your company?

The more you ask and research, the more different information and sometimes contradictory answers you get.

Keeping track of it all and understanding it all becomes more and more difficult the more input you get.

Then there’s climate protection, supply chains, and and and.

How does it all fit together?

How do you find the optimal approach for your company to achieve a really good result with reasonable effort?

The simple.sustainable Approach

Your questions to Juergen Bremer

You understand which criteria are essential for an authentic and credible sustainability report.

You know where you stand,
what you are already doing sustainably.

Based on this status quo, we almost automatically develop actions, programs and your own personal sustainability strategy – which fit your company as if tailor-made.

Pragmatic and tangible

I believe, the biggest challenge is to make the very complex and comprehensive topic of sustainability tangible in specific terms. I understand that this is very unsatisfactory and tends to be off-putting.

That is why I make the topic of sustainability “tangible” for you and with you in a pragmatic and practical way.

Ask questions

One of my professional passions is auditing. But audits not in the old-fashioned way of just looking for deficiencies. I prefer to ask the right questions.

Questions that get to the point and help the auditees in a specific way. Questions that don’t just point out gaps, but are used to look for a solution or improvement.

The red thread

In this way, I help you to find the red thread: to gather targeted information and to fit it into the context of the sustainability report. I give you the assurance that the result will be recognized. I help you to push the right actions with the right people to simply become more sustainable.

Your three steps to sustainability:

1. Record the Status quo

With targeted questions, we record what your company is already doing for sustainability today.

2. Develop Strategy

Define the essential aspects based on the current status.

Determine goals and projects that suit you.

3. Deliver on Success

Get your sustainability report double-checked and published.

Get active and achieve goals.

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My experience has been that

  • all companies are already doing something for sustainability
  • all companies can do more, and
  • many want to do more

Unfortunately, many do not find the approach that suits them and is tailor-made – is not only sustainable but also takes the company forward successfully.


To make it work, you need to figure out how.

The problem is, the more you research and ask, the more and sometimes contradictory answers you get. This just confuses you all the more.

I think the biggest challenge is to make the very complex and comprehensive topic of sustainability tangible in specific terms.

For people who are not deeply involved in the subject, this is very unsatisfactory and tends to have a deterrent effect. That’s why I have developed a structure and a process that makes sustainability simple and tangible for you.

This is how your sustainability report is created

  1. We compile what you are already doing for sustainability and put it into a clear form
  2. We evaluate which of the sustainability criteria are essential for your individual company
  3. This results almost automatically in
    • Your sustainability strategy
    • Goals, programs and projects that move you forward
  4. You can have your sustainability report independently verified, e.g. by the German Sustainability Code, and publish it in their database.
    This guarantees that your sustainability report will be seen as highly credible
  5. You implement your sustainability projects and programs.
    Again, I can support you as intensively as it makes sense and is reasonable for you to do so

Choose the level of support you prefer

Feel free to raise your ideas: I´ll help your business to become more sustainable and perceived as sustainable at various stages of cooperation. Starting with regular email support, online service and individual arrangements – we find the way that benefits you most. Email me right now!

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  • You can stop gathering even more information that will only make the mountain in front of you grow
  • You understand how to proceed effectively
  • You can show and communicate how sustainable you already are.
    Both within the company and to customers, business partners and other stakeholders
  • You develop your company in a systematic and structured way in a more sustainable way