​Who is behind this site?

Juergen Bremer : simple.sustainable

My name is Juergen Bremer, I come from a family of craftsmen and farmers and I live in the Luenenburg Heath.

I am an independent professional and develop sustainability reports for small and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups.
I help my clients to operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

I am also a safety manager (occupational safety specialist), environmental officer and internal auditor for sustainability/ethics audits, environmental protection and occupational safety. I have more than two decades of experience. In that time, I have learned and experienced a lot that is worth passing on, from which others can benefit.

​Why this website?

I have been in the business for more than two decades. In that time I have learned and experienced a lot. Some of it the hard way. I believe that with my wealth of experience, I have a lot that is worth passing on. Much from which others can benefit.

There are many other blogs and online resources. Most of them only for people who are technically deep in the subject. I address my offer to those who have to implement it in the company and bear the responsibility.

I build the bridge between those who have the expertise and those who apply it.

​What are your greatest achievements?

The biggest successes … – for me it is the “normal big” successes, the appreciation of my work, which makes me happy and motivates me.

When the supervisor of the employers’ liability insurance association calls me and asks for my professional advice.

That I, or rather my employer and my clients, have not received an audit letter from a supervisory authority with deficiencies or requirements for over 15 years.

​How did you do that?

Not me, us. My colleagues and partners have always played a significant role in our success.

These are the people who implement measures and are responsible for the results. My customers, colleagues and employers.

These are the people who help me professionally or personally and with whom I can exchange ideas at a high level. My network.

For me personally, it is important to be professionally ahead: Knowledge enables understanding.

To ask the question why. When I know the why, I know the what and the how. And the how is the solution which is feasible, which simply fits.

As my daughter put it so well, “a lot of people who don’t have such a cool informed dad, they don’t even realize it”

​Which of your talents are particularly helpful?

I think analytically and stick to the topic until I understand it. Structured working methods, systematic and process-oriented approaches distinguish me.

In our collaboration, we think holistically without getting bogged down in details. This way of working helps us to maintain an overview of the complex issues of sustainability, environmental protection and occupational safety. We see requirements in the overall corporate context and find pragmatic solutions with the right cost-benefit ratio.

I don’t just pick up the people involved, I take them with me. Then we achieve results that have a lasting effect. I build the bridge between those who have the expertise and those who apply it.

My claim is to bring more sustainability into companies – simple, realizable, economical.

​What are you gonna do now?

Oh, lots!

My aspiration is to bring more sustainability into companies – simply, implementably, economically. That means I want to help as many as possible who don’t know how to get started and help them along the way.

Help you to integrate sustainability, as well as occupational health and safety and environmental protection, into your business in a sensible way.

So: get in touch with me if you want to take the next step.

​How do you imagine Jürgen Bremer as a person?

One must-know about me: I don’t like to talk about myself.

I am a rather calm and level-headed guy. My family is important to me, I like to be outside. I read a lot and do volunteer work where I think it makes sense and is necessary.

After leaving school, I turned my hobby into my profession and completed an agricultural apprenticeship and a degree. Even though my professional activity has changed fundamentally since then, it is still more of a vocation than a job. Today, sustainability as the answer to our pressing problems is my greatest incentive.

​Profile Juergen Bremer:

  • Diplom-Ingenieur graduate engineer/BA
  • Officer for operational environmental protection:
    Immission control officer, water protection officer, waste officer
  • Occupational Health & Safety Safety manager, safety expert
  • Auditor
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)
  • Personal member of VDSI and VBU
  • lives with his family in Bispingen in the Luenenburg Heath