​Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and more

Occupational health and safety forms an essential part of the third area of social issues in the three-pillar model of sustainability. Environmental protection is the first area of sustainability. Economy, or economic efficiency, completes the model with the second area.

​­Occupational safety

Occupational health and safety is a complex subject. It is not for nothing that there is a legal obligation for employers to seek advice and support in safety and incident prevention.

­­As a business owner and employer, as well as a manager, these pages will give you a basic understanding of the subject. You know the why and have a good overview of the most important aspects of health and safety. Instead of paragraphs and fear, you will have a good feeling about the topic in the future.

­­At suitable occasions, you will find articles on current topics here, both on occupational health and safety and on related topics such as health protection in the form of occupational health management, occupational integration management/return to work policies. Other topics include fire protection in the company, policies and procedures, implementing an emergency management system and even more.

​Environmental protection

Corporate environmental protection is no witchcraft. Especially in Germany, we have already done a lot for environmental protection and environmental education over the years and decades, so that many things are a natural part of our lives and actions. So it is difficult for us to see this as an achievement in environmental protection. Take waste separation, for example: today we do it without thinking about it.

­­Nevertheless, there is always more that can be done. Our environmental problems can´t longer be dismissed out of hand. For example, the climate crisis with all its now visible effects. Plastic waste in the oceans, scarcity of resources which we feel among other things through energy costs, particle pollution in cities and more. Interestingly, many environmental protection measures are also cost-saving in the long run.

How this can be done, what you can or must do as a well-positioned company, current topics in corporate environmental protection – more about this on these pages.

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